Amaro Hermite cl.70 - 26% vol.


Hermite presents itself as an ideal companion for convivial drinking. Perfect as an after-meal drink, its digestive properties are enhanced by a percentage of Alpestre distillate in the secret formula.


gentian, peppermint, bitter orange, sweet orange, rhubarb, China, green anise, thyme serpyllium, yarrow, Roman wormwood


Dark amber


Officinal and balsamic notes


Herbaceous, balanced, bitter, pleasant taste
The Alpestre family expands and presents Hermite, the historic bitter, fruit of the Marist Friars’ research, with a revisited recipe that maintains its unique and timeless character. As with Alpestre distillate, for Hermite too, the collection of the botanicals that make up the precious formula is carried out according to tradition and respect for the territory, enhanced thanks to the typical essences of Piedmont.

The organoleptic profile of Hermite is sweeter than that of the Alpestre distillate, while retaining the officinal characteristics that distinguish the brand and the Marist philosophy. While tasting Hermite it will be pleasant to detect original citrus notes, conferred by the renowned raw materials typical of the territories on the border between Piedmont and Liguria.

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